........" has a passion to unearthing important history with the fitting title “We shall tell their story”, and to share her research with the public. It was at one of her public event, during Black History Month 2019, that she invited me to speak on behalf of TNCMC. Her display of literature and video graphics we extremely educational, especially to the young people in attendance.".........

Donald Campbell  (Veteran)




...."...The aim was to raise awareness of the contributions and sacrifices of Black and ethnic minority groups given for Britain during the wars, and how proud we should be of their contributions. Feedback forms were handed out, the responses  were positive"......


Karon Reynolds

Assistant Librarian 

Wolverhampton Central Library

'......"It's always amazing to see our students engage in activities outside of the curriculum.  The Community Engagement Team of the Army Reserves has always been a fantastic opportunity for our students to get involved in"......


  ..."The  Staff work really well with the students and formed some positive relationships quite quickly, giving them the opportunity to  learn new skills.".... 


...."We look forward to continuing this working relationship in the future, offering our students the opportunities to develop skills around team work, confidence building and the experiences of contributing to community events"..... 

Leon Eubank

Student Support Officer

Student Services

Heath Park  Secondary School

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